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    callous. Millions of people died due to radiation on land, sea and air, in the food and water, during the '60s. It started in 1953, kept on going well into the '70s. Our own U.S. government acknowledges 40 million just in this nation, and we all know how 'conservative' those kind of gub'ment figures are. I realize the dead aren't talking to you here. But I am, and I've been in the thick of it all my life.

    Humans are no more likely to have mutated enough in the past 70 years to now be somehow immune from radiation damage than any random tuna fish or condor. Our cancer rates are rising, already far above what they were even back then. Unless you are at least cognizant about the history and facts - much less the technology and details of its hazards - you should know better than to pretend here that you know more than you actually do.

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