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View Diary: FL-Gov: Democratic Governors Association Calls Out Rick Scott's (R) Latest Voter Suppression Tactics (7 comments)

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    He just pissed off a lot of Republican elderly voters who vote by absentee ballot.  This give Crist more fodder to run on.

    Ken Dentzer may not have the authority to dictate that to the independently elected election supervisors according to Florida law.  Scott ran into that the last time with his voter purges.

    25% of Florida voters are elderly and many of the vote absentee and watch fox.  The drop off points have been in practice for a long time because they don't get around very well and can't always stand in line.  

    The drop offs are not sloppy with the way they handle the ballots.  The county employees follow a chain of responsibility for the ballots that are collected by the board of elections.

    Dentzer is know for his stupidity.  Right now Scott needs all the elderly to vote for him. He can't salvage FL-13 for the republicans with this move.  

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