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View Diary: NSA collecting 5 billion cell phone locations a day (102 comments)

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    is known to have anything remotely like the technical capacity of the NSA. Neither do they have the major American tech & communications corporations under their thumb. So, just saying they do it too is meaningless, not to mention morally bankrupt.

    Also, I don't understand what all this espionage is even fucking for in the post Cold War world. This shit got ramped up for World War 2, persisted because of the Cold War, and now continues to metastasize exclusively because of instutional inertia and corruption.

    We don't fucking need it, and (to the best of my knowledge) the Yawner Caucus has failed to advance a justification for any of it.

    Nothing says "we care" like a Tomahawk missile strike.

    by nota bene on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 05:11:41 PM PST

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