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View Diary: Who is paying bloggers big bucks to peddle Obamacare scams? (29 comments)

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  •  Bait and switch advertising based on ignorance? (6+ / 0-)

    It would be no surprise if Koch has branched out into this kind of low grade astroturfing advertising.    But I wonder if this is symptomatic of a larger growing plague:  Con artists finding new ways to get money for nothing.  

    Out of curiosity, I've clicked on some ads that purport to offer something interesting, and then find an obvious scam to cheat me from my money.   My hunch is that these con artists seek to leverage ignorance and fears about issues that affect consumers and households.    They create ticklers to pull you in, and then try to sucker you.  It may just be the case that anything Obama is a very hot topic right now. I clicked on a misleading ad not longer ago that blamed Obama for replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lightbulbs...a totally bogus issue, of course. The linked pitch was full of lies and misrepresentations and offered to sell me some kind of electronic device to plug into a household circuit that would save on my energy costs.  For $19.99, of course.

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