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View Diary: Delphine's Woozle - a Fuzzy Issue (26 comments)

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  •  Hi, Delphine (27+ / 0-)

    First of all, stop beating yourself up; you didn't cause this problem, and you are being a responsible and loving woozle mom.

    Secondly, there is Prozac for dogs.  It's called Fluoextine.  I've never used it, nor do I know of anyone who has, so I can't personally recommend it.  

    Third - find a GOOD DOG TRAINER!  I don't know what area you are in, but make sure whoever you pick has been certified by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

    Next - you didn't mention what equipment you are using when you walk her.  If you are attempting to walk her only on a buckle collar, or a choke chain, IMMEDIATELY purchase a Herm-Sprenger pinch collar and get assistance in having it fitted properly.

    Many people look at pinch collars and think animal cruelty, but nothing could be further from the truth.  When a dog pulls against a buckle collar (nylon or leather) or worse, a pinch collar, there is potential for serious damage to the throat.  The pinch collar spreads the pressure around the neck, allowing for control without damage.

    If you are using a flexi-lead for her, stop.  She should be walked on a leather leash, no longer than 6 feet.

    Look at different training techniques:  (you should discuss this with your trainer, when you find one).  Some dogs will respond to "Clicker Training"

    Others will work better with rewards using tug toys (a method popular with many working dogs, including drug/bomb sensing dogs).  I have a working German Shepherd, so this is the preferred method of positive reinforcement.

    There are other methods as well, (discuss with your soon-to-be-trainer!)

    Next, let's take a look a diet.  What do you feed?  If you feed a commercial dog food, take a look at the protein percentage.  Too high a protein percentage can result in a hyper-active woozle.  If you are feeding BARF (Bones And Raw Food), have your diet analyzed by a professional nutritionist.  

    After the last rounds of dog-food poisoning catastrophe's, I feed my dogs Acana.  It is regionally produced and has no grain content.  It's pricey - but it's worth it.  

    Not every dog is cut out to be a buddy with all other dogs.  Dog parks are not the best environment.  

    KosMail me if you have any other questions and DON'T GIVE UP~!!!

    Don't practice. Train.--Brian Harvey

    by luvsathoroughbred on Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 11:56:50 AM PST

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