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View Diary: Strikes close some fast food outlets, but strikers are aiming for something bigger (31 comments)

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  •  Bad food paid for with tax dollars (7+ / 0-)

    I never eat in these establishments but I am realistic enough to know they will not disappear.  Has anyone considered pointing out another way they benefit from public money, besides the subsidies in the form of food stamps, etc?  Think agricultural subsidies; the amount of public money spent to overproduce corn and other commodities that end up in soda, "bread" and as ingredients in other junk foods, feed for factory farmed cattle, help the fast food industry keep their food prices down.

    •  Not to mention the effect on the budget deficit. (3+ / 0-)
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      The right always likes to talk about how our budget deficit is breaking America's back.  Two ways to decrease the budget deficit is to increase revenue and decrease spending.  Well raising minimum wage does both.  Raising the minimum wage exerts upward pressure on all wages, across the board.  When people are making more money they have a larger tax liability (increasing revenue).  When people are making more money they require less government assistance (decreasing expenditures).  Not to mention that as people have more money, they spend it (especially by low/middle class) spurring more economic activity.  With more economic activity more and better jobs are made, decreasing unemployment and underemployment.  Once again lowering un/under employment increases tax revenues while decreasing the assistance expenditures.  Double whammy, hitting the deficit from both sides, effectively removing that talking point.

      Seems like a positive feedback cycle to me, or am I missing something?  Just seems like a great idea to me, not to mention the emotional/compassionate arguments.

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