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  •  How could I mind? (5+ / 0-)
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    CroneWit, Hey338Too, Tortmaster, duhban, poco

    "piqued" of course. The last time I peaked was on acid.

    You don't understand how modern constitutions are written and ratified -- the world over. It has nothing to do with politics and politicians. Law and international law are involved, but only as a reference.

    •  It is an academic and scholarly process (3+ / 0-)
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      CroneWit, SoCalSal, Tortmaster

      ...with one guiding principle:  To benefit all the people through the bounty of the nation.

      Everything else is a footnote. All countries have done this in the past 10-60 years. More than once. Without revolutions. Even Canada. In was instructive watching South Africa write their recent constitution. All new constitutions are written in the open with the eyes of the world watching, reading, and advising.

      corvo, you're a sharp guy. Pretty representative of the best sort of citizen America produces.

      I'm going to take your statement to foretell the future of USians.

      They are a frightened people, forever seeking "leaders" because they can only see themselves as followers, pretend-fighting a two-party binary tic-tat-toe election kabuki, hoping for salvation. And always feeling somewhat betrayed as the corporations wield ever greater power over the state -- decade after decade.

      They clearly see their benign fascist-ruled present -- but they are too terrified to undertake writing a constitutional manifesto out of fear that the corporate-ruled state wins -- which is their rapidly approaching destiny in any case.

      It's a sad thing to behold -- especially the helpless hopefulness that accompanies each election.

      The forever colonists.

      •  our current Constitution (2+ / 0-)
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        Pluto, Tortmaster

        does specify methods according to which conventions can be held; the methods invite the same kind of corruption by wealth as the current system does -- only at the state legislature level, of course, and state legislatures have been just as thoroughly bought out as the federal one.

        If you want a new constitution, be prepared to water that tree of liberty with oceans of blood.  Our Betters are looking forward to the opportunity to shed it.  They will have their way.  The only question is whether either side wins before ecocide renders the matter irrelevant.

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        by corvo on Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 08:12:46 PM PST

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