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View Diary: Georgia state commissioner compares having pre-existing conditions to cheating insurance companies (144 comments)

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    Villanova Rhodes

    Actually. both Hudgens and our esteemed essayist are wrong for a simple reason: health care finance is not and simply cannot be insurance.

    Insurance is a scheme that adresses rare (excepting death insurance), unpredictable but serious events such as fire, auto accidents, hurricanes etc.  It is, and should be, incumbent on the insurer to assess the probability of loss.  Circumstances such as lack of smoke detectors, distance from fire services, living on barrier islands, poor driving record, skydiving etc. should be considered in setting a premium.  All these factors are in the comtrol of the insured and most can be corrected.

    By contrast, health financing is not rare - indeed should not be rare, but a regular event in life such as fixing a roof or changing engine oil.  Pre-existing conditions cannot (in most cases) be addressed.

    We need to clearly distinguish health financing from insurance.  Health care CANNOT and MUST NOT be "insurance".  This is the real point Hunter makes.

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