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View Diary: Georgia state commissioner compares having pre-existing conditions to cheating insurance companies (144 comments)

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    are usually handled by a state regulatory agency.  In my state it's the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Insurance.  

         There are several comments upstream that bash these regulatory agencies as being in the pocket of the insurance industry. However, I actually have had to make use of my state agency a couple of times when I was having problems with my insurance company, and I found it to be an effective recourse.  I actually did get satisfactory results quite quickly, but that's just my own personal experience.

         So if you do have problems with your insurer, your first resort should be to file a request for assistance with your state's insurance regulator.  There's a good chance they'll be able to resolve your issue without you needing to go so far as hiring a lawyer.  

          But another good thing about the exchanges is that even if you can't get adequate service from one provider, and you can't resolve the issue through your state regulator, you can simply go back on the exchanges and shop for a different insurance provider, without being barred for a pre-existing condition.  

         I suppose it's always possible that some insurers will find loopholes or simply won't obey the law, but it's better to have a law that is occasionally broken than to have no law at all.  

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