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    Yes, I agree... and I'm pushing for change (one reason I joined this site was so I could write about it and hopefully reach others with my writing). I will continue to push for things to change for the better.

    And workplace bullying is a problem I've faced many times before, and I agree, it needs to end. Thank you for the resources, I will look into them.

    Originally from Missouri, Kristen currently resides in Southern California. Femmes du Chaos, a book of short stories featuring strong female characters, is out now. You may find her at

    by KristenD on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 04:22:42 PM PST

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      available at least in the state of New Jersey is a $1 million fund with the state attorney general's budget devoted to anti-bullying cases. I tried to get the state AG to bring one against a bullying management in a company, and didn't even get a letter back on it. But then, if there had been a democratic governor elected, that could have changed. it wouldn't hurt for other progressives to push for something similar in their states---with larger budgets, I might add. The bullying going on is absolutely incredible, and is even reflected in the occasional polls showing how afraid americans are for their jobs, and how quickly they would leave their current jobs if they had even half a chance.

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