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  •  i enjoyed the animated version (10+ / 0-)

    i'm thinking about converting a full length screenplay i wrote into a novel but i'm a very slow writer- i like the rewriting and have some sort of conceptual dislexia that allows me to read a sentence 50 times without realizing it didn't make sense in the first place....

    it's a science fiction political action comedy with little real violence but some sex and it's more for mid late teens and up. i get into the quarter finals in some competitions (semi in one). but if it's a republican judge it has no chance.

    i used to write short stories but that's when i found out how slow i was. with the structure, basic description and action and a lot of dialogue i like already there maybe it will be faster/easier. but i also have a lot of material that i took out to make the 110 pages. i might just keep going.

    i know examples of books to movies, but not the other way around.

    still trying the screenplay...

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