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  •  I kept hearing 'Good Ship Lollypop' (4+ / 0-)

    while I was writing this.

    Heart in his mouth, the dear little boy approached the big scary cave. He'd heard many eerie stories of the dread least grebe from the bad boys in his town but his mother always said that stories were not true. And he had to believe his mother who would never, ever lie to him.

    "We need not worry," he said cheerfully to his companion, whom he would never even begin to think of as 'stout', only comfy in the tummy. "I'm sure all those stories were nothing but lies. Nothing can really breathe fire. My father said it was impossible. He would burn himself to cinders."

    His best friend gave him a double-thumb's up. "Don't matter a snip if he do. I got us some fireproof cloaks back at that last village. Some ol' witch gave 'em to me."

    "How kind people are when you give them a chance," said the dear little boy. "I am sure the least grebe will be kind too and give us the map we need to pass through the swamp. We were silly mugginses not to bring one ourselves so that we would not get lost."

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    by wonderful world on Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 08:56:55 PM PST

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