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  •  Corp Watch: War & Disaster Profiteering (13+ / 0-)

    had not heard about this group before

    one of the directors posted an article on Tom Dispatch about the disasters of contractors working for CIA, NSA and FBI and it linked this web site.

    front page of the web site has articles about these activities from around the world in areas of military, env., banksters, etc.

    •  Was it the Tom Dispatch post featuring (9+ / 0-)
      Hollywood Without the Happy EndingHow the CIA Bungled the War on Terror
      By Pratap Chatterjee
      Thousands of "Green Badges" were hired via companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Qinetiq to work at CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) offices around the world, among the regular staff who wore blue badges. Many of them -- like Edward Snowden -- performed specialist tasks in information technology meant to augment the effectiveness of government employees.

      Then the CIA decided that there was no aspect of secret war which couldn’t be corporatized.  So they set up a unit of private contractors as covert agents, green-lighting them to carry guns and be sent into U.S. war zones at a moment's notice. This elite James Bond-like unit of armed bodyguards and super-fixers was given the anodyne name Global Response Staff (GRS).

      Among the 125 employees of this unit, from the Army Special Forces via private contractors came Raymond Davis and Dane Paresi; from the Navy SEALs Glen Doherty, Jeremy Wise, and Tyrone Woods. All five would soon be in the anything-but-covert headlines of newspapers across the world.  These men -- no women have yet been named -- were deployed on three- to four-month missions accompanying CIA analysts into the field.

      Move Single Payer Forward? Join 18,000 Doctors of PNHP and 185,000 member National Nurses United

      by divineorder on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 06:54:20 AM PST

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      •  yes - the same article. Tom Dispatch .... (8+ / 0-)

        TD reposts articles.

        I seldom go to where they were originally posted.

        Have you noticed that TD are well respected but when they are posted on DK they only get a couple of comments and I don't ever recall that they made the REC list.

        I did a search on tomdispatch on DK and found a reposting of an article by Bill McKibben that got a ton of recommendations and 73 comments.

        but that was because of McKibben, not TD

        •  Yes, though they are posted without engaging (4+ / 0-)
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          smiley7, Don midwest, allenjo, native

          in the comments so what can expect?

          McKibben engages people here, but have not ever personally seen Engelhardt  do so.

          About TomDispatch

          Tom Engelhardt launched Tomdispatch in November 2001 as an e-mail publication offering commentary and collected articles from the world press. In December 2002, it gained its name, became a project of The Nation Institute, and went online as "a regular antidote to the mainstream media." The site now features Tom Engelhardt's regular commentaries and the original work of authors ranging from Rebecca Solnit, Bill McKibben, and Mike Davis to Chalmers Johnson, Michael Klare, Adam Hochschild, Robert Lipsyte, and Elizabeth de la Vega. Nick Turse, who also writes for the site, is associate editor and research director.

          Tomdispatch is intended to introduce readers to voices and perspectives from elsewhere (even when the elsewhere is here). Its mission is to connect some of the global dots regularly left unconnected by the mainstream media and to offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works.

          Some years ago I signed up for Tomdispatch email notification so won't miss them.  Too bad its not a front page regular feature....

          Move Single Payer Forward? Join 18,000 Doctors of PNHP and 185,000 member National Nurses United

          by divineorder on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 07:18:05 AM PST

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        •  Toms Dispatch used to get nasty comments (2+ / 0-)
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          Don midwest, lostinamerica

          I remember telling MB how embarrassing it was. One person insisted Tom was breaking the copyright rule for posting content from his own website. There's no rule that a writer has to comment on their post, I checked.

          To thine ownself be true

          by Agathena on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 08:42:30 AM PST

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