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View Diary: Neshaminy Students Fight for Their Rights (13 comments)

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    why the term is so difficult to remove from sports teams.  I think it boils down to it is that it is not viewed as a "negative" derogatory term.  You would never have an issue with other terms - who would want to play on Valley High Sp!cs or k!kes etc?  But this term portrays fierce valor/bravery for many.  So I think they have a hard time viewing it as a negative - even if they could intellectually agree that it is not something they would call someone of native American ancestry.  

    "I'm not left wing because i'm ideological, or passionate, or angry. I'm left wing because I'm informed." - Mikesco

    by newfie on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 12:58:36 PM PST

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