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    I could write another diary to tell you the jokes my friend told me he lived through as a soldier in the Army.

    That would take too long. I will tell you a short story which was his favorite joke. He and a friend came on furlough into a small southern Texa town to celebrate. They had been drinking obviously, and my friend stepped out of their rented room to get some ice while not wearing his shoes.

    When he returned to the room, the other soldier had locked the door because he had a woman inside.

    My friend, a bit tipsy without shoes went into a resturant wanting very badly some Mexican food. He wanted food that he missed badly and as he waited for his order, he somehow felt a fainting spell due to his drinking and fell from his stool to the floor.

    The owner called the cops and they came and showed my friend the door, without shoes.

    Once outside he knew he needed those shoes so he somehow climed up on the outside of the resturant trying to reach the window of the second floor room where his shoes were.

    People thought he was a burgler and called the cops again.
    When they came, he told them he only wanted his shoes and his friend had a woman in the room and he did not want to go knocking on the door.

    The joke, is that he never got his Mexican food, and was taken to jail for a while on suspicious of burglary until the other soldier came and got him out..

    This my friend is just one joke he lived through. I hope you enjoyed it. I will gladly tell you another if you wish.

    Old men tell same old stories

    by Ole Texan on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 04:05:43 PM PST

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