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  •  My worst fears bit me twice this morning! (2+ / 0-)
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    TofG, worldlotus

    It was 4 degrees cold this morning when I checked the weather report. It was 8 a.m. a while ago when my friend Martin called me on the phone.

    He has called to postpone his invitation because he is just in the same situation I am with our families at home.

    At his age I think his Son and daughters did not want him to go out in such cold weather, as he suffered from his personal ailments that include difficulties breathing that requires taking some type of oxigen mask at home when needed.

    Even if I had wanted to persist and encourage him to go, I ran into the same road block. My wife talked to my daugher last night and told her of the plan I had for today.

    My daughter was at my door as I was still on the phone with my friend Martin.

    Her first words to me were: "And what do you think you are doing soldier?"

    These were her exact words to me. My wife must had been worried because she hears me constantly conplaining about sparks coming out of my knee inn cold climate. Or that is how I describe my pain to her, so she obviously told my daugther last night..

    I wrote in my diary that I hoped that my daughter would be there and see me. In fact, I had forgotten completely that my daughter has Saturday and Sundays off, and does not work on those days. Unless she is on call for special reasons, this morning she was not.

    She told me that folks at her work have enough trouble handling the veterans there and did not need a hero seeking sick old man to add to their troubles if I were to suddenly become ill or nauseated as I have complained to her on occasions when my blood pressure gets too low.

    I am really disappointed. My daughter sounded surprised to my sudden interest in visiting her work. She told me that I could go with her anytime I wanted weather permitted and that she would personally take me there.

    I just do not know what other thing to say or who to blame for my failure to go forth with my plan. I was really looking into it. I had my writing pad ready as I wanted to record each conversation with my newly hidden heros in that terrible place where I know they need my visit. All I can do now is wait a bit, I will not stop until I get to do my thing.

    If this unwelcomed incident was not enough of a bummer to me, I am very disappointed in not finding in the news anything about Pearl Harbor. In my right-wing newspaper here in Milwaukee, a single article about a Wisconsin hero is in the news. Nowhere else am I hearing or reading on the subject that I said we must never forget.

    I am sorry, deeply sorry of my disappointment.

    Old men tell same old stories

    by Ole Texan on Sat Dec 07, 2013 at 07:43:52 AM PST

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