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    Obama’s critics say his loner style makes him unusually uninterested in working with other politicians.
    His critics also say he's Kenyan, Muslim, communist-socialist-fascist, and a sleeper alien from the planet Obamatune sent here to destroy our freedums and stuff.

    If the asswipes writing this drivel had an ounce of integrity and decency they'd report that perhaps the fault doesn't lie with Obama but the obstructionist dickheads infesting the halls of congress who would rather play golf and cry crocodile tears in their bottomless scotch than work with the POTUS to solve the nation's problems. It would be too much for Politico to honestly report that when one party says "My way or the highway" that it's their own damn fault when they find themselves wandering the roads alone.

    Politico can go fuck itself but it wouldn't get that right either and then blame Obama for it too.

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