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View Diary: Ted Rall was on the radio discusing DKOS censorsip (266 comments)

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  •  Nope, it isn't censorship (7+ / 0-)

    The first job of an artist, writer, musician, etc.--once the work is ready to go--is to find an audience. Nobody has the right to an audience. The flip side of freedom of expression is the right of each of us to decide what we want to read, what art we want to look at, what movies to attend, what speakers to listen to, what TV or radio programs to follow. Nobody can make us look at art work we don't like--or make us say nice things about it if we do look at it. We have the right to look at the art--or a movie, or book--and say it stinks, if that's our opinion.

    If you can't find an audience, you can't force anybody to create one for you.

    It isn't censorship when a publisher chooses fifty manuscripts to publish, and rejects 5,000 others. It isn't censorship when Hollywood studios choose a tiny number of screenplays to buy, and rejects 20,000 others.

    The owner of a blog has the right to freedom of expression, just as publishers and studios have a right to freedom of expression. They're not obliged to use their resources to disseminate work that they don't want to disseminate.

    This cartoonist has the same vast internet available to him that Kos had when he started dKos. He probably has his own blog, and he obviously has friends who will use their blogs, radio programs, newspapers and whatever, who are quite willing to promote his work. That's where he should start if he wants to expand his audience.

    So let this cartoonist and his buddies work on finding an audience that wants to see his work. It doesn't appear that he has much of an audience here--and those who are here, and love his work, can certainly visit his own blog whenever they wish.

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