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    I think the numbers are really going to take off.  In addition to the fact that is working, there is the direct enrollment pilot program in Texas, Florida, and one other state.  My optimistic assumption is that pilot program is going to be expanded, creating significant capacity for people to enroll directly on health insurers' websites with subsidy eligibility.  

    Second, it has always been part of the plan to have commercial online brokers, such as, enrolling people.  So my optimistic assumption is that that is going to happen, again enlarging the capacity to enroll people online.

    Third, there is Virginia, which recently elected a Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe.  While the Republicans still hold the legislature in Virginia, my optimistic assumption is that under McAuliffe's leadership, Virginia most definitely will not be competing for last place in terms of the number of enrollments.  Virginia has a real need; it is one of the states where Remote Area Medical still does free clinics.
    Virginia is going to come on strong.

    Fourth, is the basic nature of websites.  Once they are up and running properly, they plug away 24/7.  So if can handle 50,000 people at a time, and it takes people on average two hours to enroll and select a plan, my rough calculation is that it can enroll  24/2 X 50,000, or 600,000 a day.  So that is what I ultimately expect to see.

    Brainwrap, I hope you can hold on and see this through.  If you do, you will have a lot of fun.

    •  pilot programs & McAuliffe in Virginia (0+ / 0-)

      This is great information, and all to the good.  It is all evidence of the thirst for health insurance and of the pressure this puts on Republicans.

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