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    my religion (Unitarian Universalist) had scheduled its annual meeting in Phoenix. A weeklong affair, it is an opportunity for several thousands of people to pump their cash into a local economy. Many UUs called for the location to be changed in the wake of SB1070.

    But the leadership instead chose to focus this annual event as an act of witness against SB1070. Various mass actions during the convention proclaimed our principled opposition to the racism legally enshrined, as well as challenging Sheriff Joe's methods and failings.  While these actions haven't yet lead to repeal of SB1070 (or to the end of Sheriff Joe's reign), we did offer our support and comfort for those who must live with the maladminstrations of Arizona. I think that our work mattered for them, and I think that ultimately engagement is a more holistic way to address problems.

    The RWNM has a strong focus on isolating us from one another. I think that standing up against such isolation is ultimately more effective at achieving the change we want to see in the world. Isolated people have fewer qualms about hurtfulness against their fellow humans than interconnected people do.  

    PrezObama's only mistake in the sequester is that he assumed that the Republicans would be more loyal to their oath of office to serve the people than their oath to Norquist to never close tax loopholes.

    by SilentBrook on Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 11:51:37 AM PST

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