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View Diary: Who Controls the County Commissions in Florida (11 comments)

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  •  At large: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg dissent.. (0+ / 0-) Texas case.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg nailed it in her recent dissent to the gutting of the VRA pre-clearance provisions.

    Republicans are using the gambit Justice Ginsburg warned of by name:

      The At-large electoral system which allows a republican minority the advantages of a majority. It’s happening in Pasadena Texas where Latinos have a 62% majority.

    Pasadena, Texas Mayor Johnny Isbell’s proposal would change two of the town’s single-member districts into at-large districts. While voters in single-member districts simply vote for a candidate to directly represent their district, at-large districts involve voters electing multiple candidates to represent a much larger district. This prevents strong minority coalitions from forming and rallying around a minority candidate. A similar measure in Farmers Branch, Texas, was invalidated as a violation of the VRA earlier this month.
    As noted, “at-large systems allow 50 percent of voters to control 100 percent of seats, and in consequence typically result in racially and politically homogenous elected bodies.”
    Fifty percent that won’t be made up of Dems/Latinos/minority groups even when they are the majority in number    

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    Transcript @ link:

    Also too: MotherJones has highlighted some of Justice Ginsburg’s most poignant words from her dissent.

    This has probably been covered here @ Daily Kos (although the At-large tag hasn’t been used very much or gotten enough notice - imo) but just wanted to say it again as it seems this At-Large voter disenfranchisement is to become another permanent part of republican blueprint in municipalities/cities/towns to dilute the Dems/Hispanic vote. Watering down civil rights where the GOP cannot yet do away with those rights altogether.

    So, this is kind of a PSA rant to make sure we see it coming and stop it

    My comment @ Daily Kos:

    nice map work bluedemocrat

    And this:

    Democrats first priorities for local elections should be to put these county commissions in Democratic control.

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