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View Diary: The last guy anybody should be listening to about anything weighs in on Iran deal at Foxaganda (137 comments)

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  •  What struck me about Cheney's screed (14+ / 0-)

    was how vague and empty his criticisms were: a cheap dig at President Obama, stock blather about friends and enemies, hollow tough-talk about "projecting will", and an irrelevant gibe about Obamacare. There's not a point he spouted that couldn't be refuted - objectively - by anyone with even a cursory familiarity with the actual state of foreign affairs today:  but what are the chances of THAT?

    I realize it's too much to expect any degree of balance or objectivity out of FOX: but isn't there ANYONE out there to call Cheney on his BS? Or is the Beltway Village too busy nodding and admiring the former Veep's wisdom and sagacity??  

    •  let's ask some questions fox didn't ask (8+ / 0-)

      Like Mr Cheney how much did you personally profit from the invasion and occupation of the nation of Iraq?
      How many of the hundreds of thousands of estimated deaths of Iraqis subsequent to our invasion do you feel responsible for?
      Did you ever stop turning corners or did you just get dizzy and had a bypass, at the nation's expense?
      Is it comforting to know that no matter where you are, you are only a mirror away from the sight of profiteering, propagandist piss ant?
      Anyone got any others?

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