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View Diary: John Muir and his beloved Yosemite ... in winter (47 comments)

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  •  Yosemite is dazzling all year round. (12+ / 0-)

    This brought back memories of camping out in the Valley at Christmas one year when I was in graduate school. Slept in a tent, with ice crystals dropping on our faces when we moved. My then-husband took some gorgeous pictures with a view camera and I did some sketching (watercolors being impractical when it is that far below freezing.)

    But I've been going there since I was a child, and every season is dazzlingly beautiful. Spring, with meadows of wildflowers, waterfalls everywhere, and the wild white azaleas in Little Yosemite Valley; summer, drowsy and warm with fragrant pine and fir trees, and the pools in the Merced for cooling off; and autumn, golden with aspens in the high country and then the first snowflakes flickering between the trees.

    And then there are the bear tales from my childhood: one of the grownups chasing down a bear that tried to run away in the night with our metal picnic box of cookies, and coming back triumphant with the box. My best friend and I, as 18-year-old girls, protecting two younger teens on their first backpacking trip from a bear fight by banging in Sierra Club cups with spoons. (The two bears were focused, luckily, on our food, hanging in a tree some distance away). Yep, we were young and foolish, but Yosemite gave us beauty and adventure and lifelong memories.

    •  I first visited Yosemite in April, 1958. There (4+ / 0-)

      had been record snow/rain that winter, and local people said there were more water falls brimming over the rim of the valley than ever before.  It was breathtaking.
      Two years ago, I was there in April, and Yosemite Falls had a far less than average flow and the temperature hit 80.  This fall we went again, in November, and Yosemite Falls had dried up.  There were black and brown spots on mountains nearby where a huge forest fire had threatened the National Park but burned out north of it.
      Still, the valley, splashed with fall colors, was beautiful and refreshing to our spirits.  To Native Americans, it was a sacred place, and we try to honor that.  
      I am hoping for rain.

      Putting the fun back in dysfunctional.

      by hawkseye on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 06:34:35 AM PST

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      •  June 2011 - spectacular waterfalls (0+ / 0-)

        We were there in June 2011, after a winter of heavy snow. Waterfalls were spectacular, as big as I have ever seen (and I think I was there in 1958, also, and 1956 after the big winter rains and floods.) Bridalveil Fall had mist all the way out to the road, and we got soaked just partway up the trail to it, and we were drenched going up to Nevada Falls and decided to take the John Muir trail route back to avoid a second soaking.

        But this year we have record low rainfall, almost none so far, after a very dry season last year. Folsom Reservoir at record low Water rationing and worse in store for us Californians.

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