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View Diary: “TPP Conflicts Exposed: Many Areas Of Dispute, Negotiations In Crisis” (w/Wikileaks File Links!) (144 comments)

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  •  ER = economic royalists in Thom Hartmann's book (8+ / 0-)

    Thom didn't invent the phrase, but it fits.

    He describes how the ER have taken over after the 80 years of the great forgetting (TM) with a depression every 80 years.

    The ER did not want a middle class because they would be a power base that would restrict the unrestrained - and I mean unrestrained by law, the actual economy, public pressure, and so forth

    They set out to take over the media, education, the courts, and of course government so it would not interfere with their program.

    I have only finished the first 3 chapters, and others have written about the book, but the clear treatment of how the ER have taken over the world for the corporations and themselves is undeniable.

    The TPP is another step in the corporate coup d'etat of the world.

    "The Crash of 2016" is the name of Thom's book.  

    The subtitle is "The Plot To Destroy America"

    Hopefully the TPP can be stopped and the destruction of America slowed down a little.

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