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View Diary: Santa Came Early This Year for the Federal Contractors, Just Not Their Employees (18 comments)

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    If you disagree, feel free to as the General Counsel at POGO, whose article I quoted above. I'm sure he'd be willing to explain his interpretation.

    The contractor compensation cap rose 24.8% from last year, but only 10% the prior year and only 1.4% the year before that. That, to me, seems very inconsistent for a formula; it seems like a discretionary judgment. They might have to raise it, but there's flexibility.

    Additionally, the first change under Obama's presidency was the 5/21/2009 change, an 11.8% increase in the cap from $612,196 to $684,181. Obama said earlier this year he wants to cap it at $400,000, his own compensation. Why didn't the Democrats even broach the idea when they could have done something about it? I tried to search the topic but couldn't find anything.

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