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View Diary: Fox Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies (47 comments)

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    Aurora Moon

    My wife and I both work part time so that we can both be with our kids.  It's a nice arrangement and I wish it were available to more people.  In truth we can only do it because we adopted our kids later in life and we had our house paid off before hand, so our expenses are lower.  

    There is nothing genetic about me that ties our identity to our paychecks.  Society judges us that way but it's not something that men intrinsically want.  I love being with my kids, and I am happy to do my half of the housework.  My wife earns a little to a lot more than me (depending on how you count it, my work pays for health care for our kids which is worth a fair bit) and neither of us are bothered by that.  

    I think a lot of these attitudes depend on how you were raised.  My dad is a university professor and when I was growing up he was around in the afternoon, was the one who took us out places so on.  My mom probably did more cleaning than him but he did all the grocery shopping and cooking and laundry (although each of us kids cooked one meal a week, a program I highly recommend).  Society might disapprove of men taking more of the homemaker roles but there is nothing inbred in men against it, just tradition.

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