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View Diary: For Republicans, a Homeless 11-Year-Old Black Girl Named Dasani is a "Useless Eater" That Should Die (139 comments)

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  •  Well, not exactly, but you're on the right track. (10+ / 0-)

    They don't want Dasani to disappear or die, but they need to have many more people on the edge of life so that labor is constantly struggling and will be willing to work for killing wages. And after all, if the Dasanis of the world were to actually die, they'd have to find some new scapegoats.

    With the end of slavery and then Jim Crow and despite the continued ravages of racism and sexism, the pool of people that are available for easy exploitation and demonization is shrinking. And when that pool gets smaller, profits from rentier behavior get smaller.

    The overlords don't really care who makes up that pool of people, whether it's urban blacks or Appalachian whites (though it's far easier in this country to keep one's boot on the necks of blacks), they just need there to be that population.

    •  Now that we have globalism (5+ / 0-)

      American minority groups are no longer useful to the Far Right, at least economically.

      Some of the right wing comments after Mandela's death seem to point to a desire for a "final solution", even though those words have not been uttered yet.

      One thing this article needs to point out, even most people on here know this anyway, is that "useless eater" was Adolf Hitler's words.

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