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View Diary: Dan Rather on The Difference Between Him and Lara Logan: My Story Was True (178 comments)

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    The federal government has all the crime labs it needs to solve this, they could solve this in a few days. they could put the responsible parties, who are still alive, under oath and find out real quick.
    What the federal government has done is to pretend these are private documents, even tho two of them have letterhead of a federal military unit and one of them is signed full signature by the commander of that unit in performance of his duties.
    The US military has CID divisions completely able to determine whether orders are real or not. The federal government has the complete power of th FBI labs, which know L about fonts, spacing and kerning.

    Don't concentrate on the fonts and spacing, which is what Bush wants and concentrate on what the words on the papers mean, which is what he doesn't want.

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Wed Dec 11, 2013 at 06:53:26 AM PST

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