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View Diary: Dan Rather on The Difference Between Him and Lara Logan: My Story Was True (178 comments)

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  •  What I don't get is... (1+ / 0-)
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    Heavy Mettle

    ...why that can't be proved (or disproved, as the case may be).  Rather's people got the document from somebody, who got it from somebody else, and so on until we get to the person who actually created it.  CBS supposedly did an internal investigation, but I never heard them provide an original source for the document.  Somebody must know.

    •  at the time i recall (3+ / 0-)
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      Bill W, 4Freedom, Heavy Mettle

      that the story was that it arrived in a plain unmarked package, which is not unsusual when somebody is trying to anonomously leak material. Rather and his people began a process of verifying the authenticity, but this did not include analysis of the typography, so this was missed. since the document content was consistent with what their other reporting was showing, it confirmed what they thought they had and appeared to be the smoking gun they were looking for.

      if it was set up that specifically targeted Rather, it was brilliant, and it would not surprise me if the document itself was a word for word transcription of an original memo that was subequently destroyed. in that way the potential negative was used in a postive way to take out a high profile critic. I think it has Rove's hads all over it.

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