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View Diary: India demands 195,000 H-1B VISAs through WTO (103 comments)

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  •  Oh My GOD! (none)
    You don't even reply any more - you just rate people as trolls if they dare disagree with you.

    How dare you decide whether someone else is offended by your posts?  I happen to think you come off as racist - how dare you decide that's a personal attack?  Believe it or not - it's not up to you to decide how others perceive your posts.

    You're so wrapped up in your crusade against immigrant workers that you can't even see how others might take your words as bigoted.

    Go ahead and rate me as a troll again - but this time I'm contacting the TUs to complain.  I'm not the only one who's noted your free use of the zeros here.

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