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    about my Senator. The one I email on the Newtown victims' birthdays doesn't really listen to her constituents. She seems to be banking on people forgetting by the time she's up for reelection. The most I can really say for her on this issue is that she let the vote for a new ATF director go forward. Not exactly a profile in courage, but there is still a very slim chance of getting her support (or her lack of opposition as the case may be) on at least some things.

    We have gotten far too used to gun violence in this country. Tens of thousands of victims every year. Daniel Barden. Hadiya Pendleton. Michael Chiapperini. Trayvon Martin. Blair Holt. Claire Davis. Sean Collier. There are too many names. Each death will reverberate in the lives of the victims' families and in their communities for many years to come. Each gunshot leaves an indelible mark on those who witness it and those who have to live with the aftermath. Each toll is not always equally recognized, and certainly not in the media, but each is equally important.

    (Sorry for the long delay in a response. I'm new here and I'm still getting used to things so I didn't notice your response.)

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