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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: FDA limits use of antibiotics as livestock growth agent (65 comments)

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    The article indicates Vets' prescriptions were not required for these animals to be fed these antibiotics. What on earth makes it necessary for humans to get prescriptions for themselves to take these very similar drugs, but the farmers have no obligations to do so? This is insanity, in my view, a cold, blatant form of powerful ag corporations' strangle hold on humans. They feed the cows medicines that the cows don't need. We ingest those medicines when we eat the cows. We are sick, likely even more vulnerable now to the bugs we encounter daily, and we're just supposed to keep eating those cows, while staying unaware we're being fed medicines daily through ingesting the foods we always assumed were safe for us to eat. Where is the food chain supposed to get the protections it needs for American consumers, if not by the very Leaders (that's a joke) we vote into office? Where are the protections from this kind of Big Ag Power that our Food and Drug Admin and our other food related watchdogs are supposed to implement to protect us? The USDA is supposed to be all about "to protect and conserve our natural resources .....and to provide safe,...nutritious food..." for us.
    Seems to me this nutritious food idea is a thing of the past, and that we need to be hot on this issue until we see great changes for the better. For one thing, I want NO GMO foods in my food supplies. That seems like it may just be a dream I have. I wonder if anybody is really taking action to stop them from the current flooding of our food chains.

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