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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Year's first Arizona poll shows an up-for-grabs governor's race (9 comments)

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    Pale Jenova, Gygaxian

    Hearing my coworker bitch about how Nelson Mandela was a 'bad man' because he was 'anti-Isreal' (gee I wonder why) and that he and other blacks ruined South Africa.

    She then goes into some weird spiel about how black people are the real racists, the Obamas are monkeys and that it's a great thing that this country will never have another black president because he's been so horrible. Followed by some absurdity about the knockout game.

    And then something about how Clinton and Reagen were great presidents.

    The 'best' part? She's a fucking city employee aka a union member!

    God this is so fucking infuriating.

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