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View Diary: $400 Million Mega dailykos Lotto Pool Thread II (15 comments)

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  •  Good Luck (12+ / 0-)

    In the first 400 million thread doc2 was complaining that this dailykos pool thread is a scam.

    I have gone to the help desk & asked for a ruling from Markos on this. I will continue to post a thread when this rolls off the recent list until I hear back from Markos .

    If you don't like playing the lottery please stay away from our dailykos lotto pool thread.

    I hope your day is a decent one.

    •  The issues s/he raises (6+ / 0-)

      ...have been settled long ago. The pool sets up a legal partnership/corporation that "owns" the ticket, with whoever purchased it owning 50% of the corp., and everyone else owning a percentage based on the number of participants.  Lottery pools are a long-standing practice (though most aren't online like ours), especially with these really big pots.

      Issues of enforcement come down to trust, and I trust that the others here, like myself, will be so thrilled with the after-tax share of the pot, that we will not even briefly consider reneging.  Frankly, when the pots reach such obscene amounts, I would rather be sharing it.

      Also, another advantage of this is we as winners retain our real-life anonymity.  If the winner is "Kossack Pool", then no-one can be hounding us, other than maybe here online.

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