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View Diary: GOP temper tantrum forces all night session in Senate (112 comments)

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  •  McConnell's sweet revenge.. (2+ / 0-)
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    bear83, IM
    In retaliation for the Democrats changing the rules on nominations to end Republican filibusters, Republicans insisted on using up every bit of time available to delay votes as long as possible, by insisting on using all 30 hours of possible debate on nominees.
    ..the GOP will now actually length..while in attendance. Real talking filibustering as many Dems have been pushing for all along , instead of republicans getting away with a nod & wink with zero effort/cost to obstruction.
     (short ad - sorry)
    transcript @ link:

    ..yeah that worked McConnell. Ha!

    And now a possible 93 remaining vacant judicial positions filled, nominated by the President:  

    The tactic merely delays the inevitable, as the final confirmation vote for Nina Pillard took place anyway. Pillard was confirmed, 51-44 at 1:00 Thursday morning.
    petition signed with this suggestion:
    Thank you Senator and majority leader Reid.
     Now is the perfect time to insist on further rules changes. Lets get Tom Harkins ideas into play for all Bills. A path to simple minority rule on all legislation
    Thx Joan McCarter

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