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  •  I referred to supporting evidence -- you provide (0+ / 0-)

    none. "Most historians agree" is an argument from authority, and it isn't even true -- most historians haven't expressed a professional opinion on the matter. The issue isn't historians, it's historical evidence, and on that the historicity of Jesus is highly dubious.

    I think the only real question is whether or not he performed miracles and if his followers lied about it.

    This is incoherent. We don't know whether he had followers and if he did what they said ... all we have is "gospels" that were written long after the events they claim to report, woven from extant tales with some Roman politics thrown in. even if there were followers and they claimed miracles, they need not have lied, any more than people who frequent psychics are lying when they claim these charlatans have real psychic powers -- they are merely mistaken. Or when two witnesses testify inconsistently in court -- neither is necessarily lying.

    If they lied about it, why was Jesus the one that became so important while the others mostly disappeared from history.

    How about Mohammed? Do you think he must have really been the emissary of God? You really don't understand the nature of human culture. I suggest Howard Zinn's "People's History of the United States" ... and google Emmy Noether and Rosalind Franklin, critically important people you have never heard of.

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