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View Diary: Coburn: The exchanges will work, but people buying affordable private insurance still sucks (69 comments)

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  •  But so too I can see his side (sorta) (0+ / 0-)

    The market is an optimization technique, however, what I think those that tout the market as the complete answer fail to realize what it optimizes; profit.

    A company can optimize by offering better services and/or lower cost, but as we have seen it can also optimize by dirty tricks and sowing disinformation or destroying the alternatives.  In a sufficiently complex system, which it will choose is a matter of luck as much as anything else.

    Our hope is that the ACA has reshaped the dynamics of healthcare so that the most profitable is the most beneficial to people, but that's not a guarantee.

    I can see my way through to understanding that guys opinion if it's a matter of him worried that if we get it wrong having it in law makes it harder to change.

    On the other hand, we've been patient enough, it's time to shake things up, I just hope I can score some free drugs out of it.

    •  sorta kinda need a new question (0+ / 0-)


      I still think the broader question is this: should this be something on which a profit system is built?

      As a society, we have already decided that certain 'utilities' should be available, kept healthy to enable the 'stream of commerce' and uninterrupted to enable commerce to function fluidly.

      So, we have public roads, quasi public utilities, public water, etc.

      We would a last world order if, when using the roads, we had to stop and get frisked every two miles by road owners and bandits.

      Our country is experiencing the degrading IQ's provided, in part, by an insecurity in our health care delivery.

      I think health care should be regarded as important as a robust highway system and kept in place and delivered at least with the sovereign fortitude with which we keep our roads available for defense and commerce.

      Single payer.

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