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View Diary: 3 fake GOP threats; one without Dems will never happen (7 comments)

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    This diary is fantasy.

    The likely scenario from walking away from this deal was Boehner passing a clean CR and putting it on Harry Reid's doorstep.

    Then we are stuck with either a lower spending number than the $967 billion, or we get to look as unhinged as the GOP did with Obamacare by shutting the govt down because we don't like the BCA. That would be a nightmare in an election year.

    When Sequestration is the law of the land, the leverage lies with those most willing to live with the lower spending. That in this case is the Republicans, because they hate people.

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      the leverage lies with those most willing to live with the lower spending.
      "Those" being the politicians not the vast majority of people. perhaps - but then again MIC cuts hit the republican awfully hard, so probably wrong on that in addition to being wrong in the repetition of most of the fantasy talking points used to undergird the GOP false premise

      And no politician looks unhinged that listens to the peoples needs and acts upon those needs

      Buying the GOP frame/fantasy, and ignoring the points: that republicans have zero leverage to their threats and the majority of the nations people will punish the party that favors corporations with tax cuts while ignoring the people and their needs

      ..but thanks for stopping by

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