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View Diary: Study Findings Show That Austerity Leads to Riots - But Why Riot? It's Better to ORGANIZE (17 comments)

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    Ray Pensador, shaharazade

    As one documentary put it:

    "..the lion does not kill all gazelles, just one."

    The Buffalo Bill approach we have developed is not instinctive, it is a maladjustment that we have institutionalized as a feature of modern civilization, one which is not sustainable and will ultimately be our undoing. The difference between past concerns about the end of civilization and current concerns is that today we actually have much more than the necessary means to do it; in fact, a relatively small number of people can do it for us. And they will unless moderates wake up to their own burning hair, realize that moderation is immoderate in this instance, and help us stop it.

    Trust, but verify. - Reagan
    Vote, but Occupy. - commonmass

    When the rich have tripled their share of the income and wealth yet again, Republicans will still blame the poor and 3rd Way Democrats will still negotiate.

    by Words In Action on Fri Dec 13, 2013 at 05:52:17 AM PST

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