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View Diary: Study Findings Show That Austerity Leads to Riots - But Why Riot? It's Better to ORGANIZE (17 comments)

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  •  Ah, but (3+ / 0-)

    by shifting the values in unnatural directions, those who suffer the mental illness 'normalize' it by epitomizing it. That also helps further marginalize those who epitomize the 'old' value systems, and with deliberate force of the mentally ill reverting to cooperative values and actions (amongst and between themselves), they are able to farm humanity like livestock to feed their greed.

    Once the value of greed becomes the norm we can no longer insist that the unnatural and unsustainable isn't our very nature. Downside of that - quite apart from the suffering it causes to humans - is that the natural world will not long tolerate such an abherrant dominant species.

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