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  •  Thanks for the info on the ACAP. (0+ / 0-)

    I hadn't known about it. I wouldn't expect you to necessarily know about Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), which started in 1972, while the anti-miiitary/anti-vet mindset seemed to me to be pretty dominant. Most college campuses did not even care (if the term actually existed yet) about being "Military Friendly." Now they are all clamoring over each other to use the term. Some are more so than others, in practice rather than in posture. SOC, which is a consortium of about 2,000 higher education institutions, represented by two associations (AASCU/AACC), are partnered with each military service (the education Service Chiefs for each department sit on its board). It was via this partnership that degree networks began to accommodate servicemembers, with 100 percent transferability of classes between schools that participate in them, so military personnel could continue pursuing degrees (this was prior to online degrees) no matter where they were stationed at schools nationally (and in some cases globally) or via correspondence. Now online (including via GoArmyEd) the program is even more streamlined. I'm sharing this with you to say that this partnership was a revolution when introduced and has helped spur what now is commonplace for servicemembers and veterans  who get greater recognition of credit for military experience (a major criterion for SOC member schools) and non-traditional learning credit. Veterans who are exiting the military also enjoy more congenial campuses thanks to the partnership (and what I hope the nation learned after its dismal treatment of Vietnam vets when they returned).  If you are still on AD status, I hope you are using TA on GoArmyEd, since it's almost certain that TA will get tighter after the need to recruit more soldiers declines. This would also help you get credentials without cutting into your Chapter 33. I was Vietnam-era and remember the climate back then, and have worked with the Guard and GoArmyEd as a civilian, so I get to work with schools and soldiers (as well as DOD folk). It is much better all around but there was still a lot of work to do between the start of OIF/OEF and now to get schools in line as to how to really gear up for vets/servicemembers returning to classroom and community. I ain't tooting our horn, believe me. There's still a lot of bureaucratic BS that gums up everything and austerity governing is cutting programs that were promised to servicemembers (including TA) as means to get them to enlist. Just wanted to let you know that the work is ongoing but the event that helped move things along was really started by an old WWII vet who was president of a higher education association and some forward thinking folks at DOD who saw a partnership as the best way to get educators, the military, and vets close to on the same page, for the good of all and the country. I personally hope we do not repeat the dark period post-Vietnam, when vets already torn up by combat had to hide or move forward under additional, pretty much unnecessary harassment, from citizens back home. That climate really didn't do anyone much good, imo. Glad you're back safe. Welcome home.

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    by dannyboy1 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 at 07:22:04 AM PST

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