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View Diary: The case for a Democrat in every race (199 comments)

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  •  This is where Progressives 1% real Ds get in and (3+ / 0-)

    win spots. '14 is wide open! Forget the national party.
     Progressives can and should mount an 'independent' or 'reform'  fifty state strategy! Chasing funding from the 'Hollywood Left' music and fashion industry deep pocket progressive types.  
    To? Recruit candidates and move bodies into contested districts. "We are frustrated by the DNC too."  said the bored rock star.
       This is where 'bones' are made. And, its a perfect job for the Dkos family and similar progressive groups.

        Run!  Political nature arbors a vacuum. Why not set focused minds and committed bodies to fill it.
      Also lets recall the Dean thing was a hostile take over of the Democratic Party.   This is what party politics is all about. The very best way for progressive politics, views and values to be done is to snatch real seats at the table.  

    Particularly younger more energetic and creative people; Go for it, have some fun and get some work done.
      A 36% D floor in a deep red district is not all that bad, really, anything can happen in a campaign in some remote and forgotten congress let alone state district.
    A 'popular' candidate, an artist a housewife a businessman, a smart activist can and many will win. More so, with some national help from outside the beltway, progressive fundraising, analytics...
        This is the real challenge of the moment. Not the national pundint chatter spin and spin about President Obama's ups and downs. He will meet us in the air.  
    Let them catch up.  

    •  The GOP civil war means they'll waste lots of $$ (5+ / 0-)

      They will already be stretched thin by popular Tea Party candidates up against more heavily funded but less loved Neocons. And some of those Tea Parties will win primaries. They may well find themselves up against a moderate, common sense Democrat making it a tough race for the Republican.

      I'd rather have a progressive run but even a blue dog will at least vote with us a good part of the time. We're still better off in the end with a blue dog than a Republican who will obstruct 99% of the time. The job then is to primary a winning moderate or blue dog with a progressive come 2016 and 2018. Keep making ever more progressive arguments in red states.

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