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View Diary: Kim-Jong un executes his uncle as Despicable Scum (96 comments)

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  •  South Korea already has a program in place (3+ / 0-)
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    LeftHandedMan, ivorybill, Youffraita

    to help individual North Koreans who manage to get there - they hold all North Koreans have citizenship - adjust to South Korean society. The technology they've never dealt with, modern banking, slang from English, getting used to not having a dictator over them. The works.

    So there are already people who have experience helping people who have grown up in North Korea get through the culture shock of the wider world. Not enough of them to handle the entire country at once, but enough to get things started and to train more when the need comes.

    So far as assaulting aid workers, that may depend on timing - and how many of the elders still remember being children during the Korean War and know the rhetoric about what the Americans did during the war isn't actually all that correct. If enough of them are still around in each village, that's a start. With the famine, who knows?

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