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View Diary: "You just want it to go away" - GMA, Stephanopoulos and the Culture of Rape (10 comments)

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    there is the woman involved who said she was raped...but if the military has taught us something it is  "boys will be boys" is not a crime..

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      denig, Slightly Wobbly, OffTheHill

      Sometimes the accused really is innocent. In this case, an earlier diary contains quite a bit more information.

      For example:

      Bottom line. There was not enough evidence for them to prosecute.  I am from Tallahassee and I have watched state attorney Willie Meggs over the years.  Meggs is a bulldog prosecutor and he would have gone for this case if he felt there was enough evidence to do so.  Willie Meggs would have not been influenced simply by the fact that Winston is a football player.
      And this:
      Her story is riddled with inconsistencies.  She said she doesn't remember speaking with him at the bar; however, her own friends disagree.  She says she was either drugged or too drunk to remember; however, her own friends say she wasn't drunk which is what tox screen also says.  They tested for over 170 different drugs including GHB and known were found in her system.   The 2nd DNA found on her shorts came from her "boyfriend", but she and her attorney tried to claim might have been due to her friend borrowing her shorts which her friend denied.  Also, in defense of TPD, she lawyered up right away, and when her tox screen came back, they spoke with her attorney, the attorney said she would speak to her client, and they never heard from the attorney again.  Her boyfriend took dna test and semen found on shorts is positive match for him.  She was seen by two witnesses performing oral sex on Winston.  The bruising on her body were a couple of bruises on her knees.  Read the report.  I am a WOMAN with 3 daughters and no sons, and her story just doesn't ring true to me.

      by fl1972 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 05:25:51 PM EST

      And finally, this:
      She didnt blackout. That is a lie.  Her own witnesses said she wasnt drunk and the tox screen came back clean.  Her blood alcohol level was.04.  I think I have a higher one right now.  Just sayin

      by fl1972 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 05:48:31 PM EST

      Additional information can be found as well:
      There were multiple questions about the complainant's lack of memory.

      Meggs confirmed that despite multiple tests, there were no drugs found in the system of the complainant. Meggs also confirmed that her blood alcohol level was 0.04, which per Meggs, was "not very high." Meggs also was asked if there was any sign of head trauma (the complainant had told a friend she was hit in the head at a party), and he said that there was not.

      Meggs also confirmed that the second DNA sample found on the complainant's person was from her shorts, and not her underwear, and that they believe it came from an unrelated encounter, with someone with whom the complainant had a previous relationship. Meggs stated that the person refused to speak with them, but that they did acquire his DNA.That person is identified in the police report as Jamal Roberts.

      Meggs said that they were unable to confirm a pre-existing relationship between Winston and the complainant.

      Much more detail here.

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