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View Diary: How to Make People Wake Up on Climate Change (17 comments)

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    I see your concern, but the diarist has made a strong argument for waking up to a slow motion disaster that is happening now.

    •  Tolerating ads in hopes of quality content (0+ / 0-)

      Your question reminds me of the traditional ad-supported TV model. Viewers tolerate ads in shows they like. One hopes that ratings and feedback result in better quality ad-supported shows.

      As far as this diary's environmental message, it's a familiar one to me. Other folks have considered the concept of dollar value of services provided by the environment as a way to engage dollar-driven people.

      For years I've been interested in how messages are framed. I certainly support considering whether an audience's most familiar frame is good to use. It's also helpful to consider whether that frame has unwanted connotations and a potential downside. Message frames may have cons along with pros.

      Folks who have considered the make-the-environment-about-dollars frame have noticed some downside as well. It has to do with Einstein's remark about whether the same thinking that creates a problem is likely to solve the problem.

      If you or other readers want to dig deeper, I suggest searching for key words like "environment as a service".

      As far as conversation inspired by diaries that may not be quite what they seem: I suppose I should be pleased that folks might engage in quality conversation regardless of the source of inspiration. Personally, I'm reluctant to tip or recommend sources that I suspect may not be authentic, however.

      Thanks for your interest in the quality of messages to promote environmental awareness.


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