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View Diary: Grijalva and 23 colleagues seek delay in Keystone decision until conflict of interest probe is done (75 comments)

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  •  jorogo - the image is from OLB, and we are (5+ / 0-)

    cognizant of what you refer to, though we have been trying to connect with larger activist communities, groups, collaborations, that help give resonance and amplification to our bridge actions - specifically, and even the newly "committed to direct action" Sierra Club. The direct focus of our messages gets somewhat shaped by our collaborations... though the one Meteor Blades has included here was part of a larger video project we generated out of our own outrage.

    We do a lot of howling to the moon, (reference to the wolf slaughter in WI) and will continue to do so, and indeed all of these sad extraction stories are part of a larger narrative (including the iron mine in the Penokees) that we all need to combat with every means possible

    Your thoughts on messaging for "the other pipeline" are welcome - either in this thread, via message or on our Facebook site:

    •  Thanks, NOR. (4+ / 0-)

      Good to hear from you again.

      For Line 61, it's hard to know where to focus. With Keystone, like I said, there's the State Department and the President in the line of approval. Line 61's already in, just waiting for the pressure (literally) to be increased to maximum capacity and flow rate.

      There's a Line 61 crossing that's particularly troubling to me - where it crosses the Fox river and it's basin just upstream from vast expanses of Central Wisconsin wetlands lying like jewels along its course. A pipeline "incident"with diluted bitumen there would ruin expansive areas of wetlands and surface water for generations throughout a massive portion of our state. Where rivers can somewhat be dredged, bitumen cleanup in wetlands is near impossible. But that crossing is a buried one in a sparsely populated (human-wise) area, with nothing but marsh around, so any visible action there would be for the delight of the wildlife alone.

      I've brought it up at a county Dem meeting, but there's little interest, and that problem of just who do you appeal to, and for what. Forestalling Enbridge's already-approved plans would be a daunting task indeed, even if the public were aware of what's already here - and they are overwhelmingly not.

      I really don't know how to bring attention to the disastrous potentials here, but thought I'd pop in to at least point out that Keystone XL isn't the whole measure of this tarsands issue.

      Let's both keep thinking about possibilities to widen the perspective.

      "All war is stupid" - JFK

      by jorogo on Fri Dec 13, 2013 at 03:59:36 PM PST

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