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View Diary: Grijalva and 23 colleagues seek delay in Keystone decision until conflict of interest probe is done (75 comments)

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  •  Hi catilinus (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks!    I'm new to this site and its format and, as an old lady (who has always claimed I was born 40 years too soon to understand computers) I find it tough to fathom new technology.    The fact that I live in an area of this country where I have to drive about four miles before I can get a signal for a 'cell' phone - also means that I know NOTHING about I-pads, I-pods, et. al.

    That said, I'm retired, live alone and I'm a CSpan 'junkie', so with winter quickly upon us, I hope I will be able to spend time communicating with others on current news events.    I also get the impression that there is NO 250 word limit to my comments.

    I've lived a long and (according to others) a very eventful life - from which I draw (to use for examples) when trying to explain certain thoughts.    I hope that is permissible on this site.  

    I will always try to be cognizant of the feelings of others and refrain from both 'name calling' and 'insults'!

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