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View Diary: I have been a gun owner for more than 30 years…and 365 days (183 comments)

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  •  A cowboy, his horse and his gun.. (5+ / 0-)

    ..with a cigarette dangling seductively from his lips..

    The NRA and its allies have constructed a fortress to enshrine their vision of US gun policy. It will not be breached with the regulatory equivalent of a battering ram. Progressives tried that after Sandy Hook and failed.
    ..everything that every young man thought he sould aspire to be like.

    Clint Eastwood: 'High Plains Drifter'.  'Two mules for Sister Sarah"

    It took a lot of time and effort but we broke that Big tobacco stereotype down; like an old man talking to a chair.

    So when you say:

    I wish I had some wisdom to offer.
    I have to push back on that. I think you've laid things out just the way they should be.
    So when the flashers go on and I watch the children board the bus from the far left side of the road, my analytical impatient id grouses and knows that I could drive past that bus and that the probability of encountering a child on my side of the road would be vanishingly small. Yet the law tells me I must stop. So I do. And I remind myself that the law is in place out of an abundance of caution and recognition for the precious cargo that the bus is carrying. So I smile and wave at the bus driver when she lets me pass, and I get to work two minutes later than I would have otherwise.  We should work towards gun laws that are similarly configured, out of an abundance of caution and recognition of the preciousness of schoolchildren.


    Seeing the real and leaving the movie fantasy where it belongs. In the movies

    Thx OldJackPine for your thoughts on this

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