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View Diary: I have been a gun owner for more than 30 years…and 365 days (183 comments)

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  •  I don't thikn it's that simple. (0+ / 0-)

    The issue of violence, gun violence in particular crime, aetc, they are all very deep and complex issues, not something you can narrow it down to a small set bumper sticker slogans, especially parts of society that one doesn't like and then feels like they can use that as anexcuse to fially "tar and feather" for the lack of a better term  something that they don't understand for the "feel good moment" and its dairyies like your that still hawks that essence of kneejerkism to do whatever "feels" good, to mkae you feel like your helping, especially when you are trying to purposely hide your own indrescetions (ie, your pro-firearm stance) in the wake of what you can break down more simply as the fact that gun violence is commited by guns, now even if I wanted to strip all guns away from people like you, which I don't, but even if I di I know there is no way that could end other than armed conflict and the end of the nation morst likely.

    I don't think its a stretch to argue that school shooting are symptoms of a sick culture and a sick individual, sometimes more one than the other.
    What sick culture? Again, people like you, who watch  a wee too much cable "news" are buying into this narrative that now, since Newtown we are some how a "sick society", a whitebread school in a whitebread town, but somehow people like you have been ignoring all the gun violence to old and young alike happening  in more "urban" areas (ie, black) and places out side schools.

    Is a child's life worth less if she is shot outside of school in a blck neighborhood coming hom from school in the city that a mostly white subanite school classroom? Gun shooting have been going on for much longer than Newtown, much longer than the "white guilt" and "white privaledged" have been dealing with it, which is only recently, and it comes off insincere and trolll concerning to write up posts like  diary you written here, especially while balming everything lese other than guns and your "gun culture" which you do not directly deal with at all in your post, just video game culture, which again, its weird how you pro-second amendment people are only pro-second amenddement in the real world, and you'd much rather get rid of virtual guns than real guns, wihich is driving down your appaewarecne of looking like anythign remotely sincere.

    I posted to a complete idiot this morning who was going on about various aspects of "the black" culture and rap, and bling, etc, are the blames for today's "ills", firstly, I'm not seeeing how Amerikkan soceity is all of a sudden so "ill" or "sick", only the wachadoodle perception that it is from people watching to mch bs cable TV, as the statitcs don't bear that out, violent crime has been going down through the decades, and if you making claims that today's society is so sick... in comparision to what? What time period in amerikka's  short near 300 years have been so much better in regards to violence that you'd like to go back to?

    Would you like to go back to the ages of slavery or Jim crow, the ages of when children didn't have to worry about if they were killed in classrooms, because they were option used in sweat shops, ala child labor?

    Those years of decades gone by, those are the "sick" days of America, or other first world nations for that matter.

    •  Your comment is over the line. (4+ / 0-)

      The diarist wrote none of what you contend he wrote. It's not a troll diary, and to suggest that the diarist is a supporter of slavery or child labor is unacceptable.

      •  Um, no YOUR comment is over the line (0+ / 0-)

        And it is YOU who are suggesting things that I did not say. Bone up on your reading comprehension, bud.

        Feel free to disagree/quote with anything I've said here, and we'll gladly continue this "discussion" from here, otherwise, it looks like you are the troll, trolling my post without actually making any specifics to what you claim.

        grabs the popcorn

        now this should be fun.

        Have at it, your second chance to clrfiy what you mean.

        •  Sorry, I'm not going to engage you. (5+ / 0-)

          And I'm not going toss insults at you, or ad hominem, or engage you in the way other than to point out that you're not encouraging civil discourse.

          Have a nice day.

          •  But you already did engage me, no take backs. (0+ / 0-)

            Really, do people like yourself listen to yourself... are you just replying to me because you thought I wasn't logged on and wouldn't read your hostile comment so quickly?

            YOU just ENGAGED me, by responding to me twice, I had never spoken to you once in this threa until you approqached me, let's get that straight right now.

            And then YOU back off when you realise you have no argument, and aren't going to "win" any argument against me, I ask you to cite specifcs, and then you cower and run away, on the internet that's known as a "hit and run" post, and seems like I get them alot latel, because people can't believe I have the nerve to disagree with them and back up my disagrreements with valid counterpoints.

            I find it very odd and wieird that you'd engage me and make accusations the way you did, and tehn cower back into your hole when I call you out on it, and then claim, I'm the one not being civil, no, I'm the only one amongst us that is being civil, by welcoming you back up your claims and to discuss this further, YOU are the one being uncivil and discouraging civility by making unfounded accusations and then not having guts to stand by what you just said and then try to claim that because I want you to give specifics, that is somehow uncivil?

            Wow... that was some great theter you just gave, glad I did have my popcorn, to bad I won't be seing more of your theter around because you won't address me.

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