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  •  Colorado recalls and diffrent strokes (0+ / 0-)

    Colorado also shares with Washington the status of being one of the only two states to legalize recreational marijuana. I'm sure there are many states where most Democrats think that would be a terrible idea. Colorado is somewhat unusual in being a state where (like Montana and other western states, I suppose) many Democrats have a stand on guns that is more usually associated with Republicans.

    I get that the Federal Constitution is supposed to insure a minimum level of rights for everyone no matter what state they live in. But I also think the idea of the states as laboratories for democracy is a good one, and that people in different states may have different values and different ideas of what the right to bear arms, or the right to privacy as regards recreational drug use, really means. I understand that African Americans or gay people are not ok with having their right to vote or marry denied because "the culture of our state doesn't hold that as a value." But I think there's something to be said for taking a state-by-state approach to realizing a progressive agenda.

    So maybe in Colorado they want pretty unrestricted, widespread gun ownership, and are comfortable with lots of people carrying guns in public. But maybe those gun enthusiasts in Colorado could also show a little more understanding for communities like Chicago, where the desires of the majority concerning guns are quite different.

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